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Advice for students

Interesting recommendations for students that are about to start college which include cooking, fashion, the best university choice, and student loans and many more.

Career Tips

College years are the best time to reflect on what are your life ambitions and what kind of career you would like to achieve.

University lifehacks

There are many life skills you won’t learn during one of your college lectures. offers some life hacks on how to make your college life a lot easier.

What makes a student successful?

Usually, when you think about a successful college student you often imagine someone who always gets good academic grades. But if you stop and think a little more, you’ll notice that those who achieve good grades are mostly depressed students learning only how to do stuff their teachers ask.

It is also known that a successful student is someone who found something that motivates him or her to attend college every day. Whether it’s a middle school, high school, or university it’s a helping hand for students that will always work.

An advantage students may have is that some of them can be successful only in one area. This concerns students who are talented in sports and artistic fields.

Yet, sometimes we should question ourselves and think beyond. Ask questions like: Will a successful student find success once the university is over? Does his success in college will also mean a successful life and career?

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